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pissed, off and on

was sitting in a popular eatery last night, not the least bit pissed.

until i started listening to the conversations of others.

one such discussion involved a survey the discusser read, in which it was mentioned that 70 percent of our elected national officials are millionaires.

i haven’t bothered to look it up, to check the accuracy of his memory, because i’m too pissed to care enough. my knowledge of whether this figure is right or wrong is not going to change it.

millionaires – a bunch of whom are smooth-talking dip-shit lawyers; and the ones who aren’t lawyers are just run-of-the-mill smooth-talking dip shits – are making our decisions for us.

it pisses me off.

and this fact reminded me that i was already still pissed about the election we just suffered through. tired – past the point of seeing straight – of listening to one candidate bitch about the horrible things his opponent did or is about to do. tired of these stuffed-shirt baby-kissing back-stabbers making it impossible to decide which of them is better suited to screw up my decisions for me.

no one who stands at a podium – and by no one, i mean everyone – has an ability to make a simple declarative statement. they speak in snippets. they all puke political catchphrases about reforming government and lowering taxes and putting government back in the hands of the people where it belongs and the check is in the mail and i promise to pull out.

they fill our hands with their campaign signs, our heads with what they think we want to hear, and our hearts with a twinkle of hope that maybe – just maybe – this one time it’ll happen just like the nice man said.

then they go find another stump in another town and they regurgitate the same crap.

for some reason, many of us buy it.

nothing ever changes.

and their promises wind up running down the inside of our legs.

yeah. me and politics. i’ve hit a wall. just a little hard.

anyway, back to the bar.

hearing the guy talk about the millionaire survey he found reminded me that i was already pissed. so that pissed me off even more.

then i made the mistake of looking up at the tv, upon which was newt ‘muffin top’ gingrich, bloviating about how, by 2013, health care will be repealed.

first, the amount of vitriol i have for the muffin top cannot fit into this space. and i hate him even more when i think he’s right.

but i guarantee – as i guaranteed myself while watching this and trying hard not to make finger gestures or throw things – that by 2013 health care will be repealed.

the entire map of the u.s. will be red; there will be shotguns in the rear windows of the presidential motorcade; decency and family values will be returned – and not a moment too soon – to their rightful place upon the mantel (in front of which will be found a polar bear rug because the earth will have stopped this silly melting thing and polar bears will have been returned to the list of things we can – and should – kill for fun [muslims will also be on this list]); and good ol’ muffin top and his exceedingly rich, under-taxed friends will be back – thank the good lord our god – in charge.


then i got even more pissed because i couldn’t see.

because – obviously – blind rage had pulled up a stool right next to me.

and that’s when i decided the board needs to be wiped clean.

the colors on the map should be reset to gray.

why i’ll feel more like participating in the process and the discussions when real people – the vast majority of the population – decide enough is enough.

i work with a fellow who says it’ll take a revolution to bring change. it did before and it won’t happen until it happens again. i’m not sure he’s too far off.

common people with no money and no experience – yet with a strong desire to fix – i believe, deserve a chance to right what has so obviously gone so horrifically wrong. people pissed enough to realize that the wrong interests have taken control of our interests deserve a shot at making the correct interests a priority.

call it the network (a play on the movie of the same name, popular for the phrase “i’m mad as hell and i’m not going to take it any more”); call it whatever you like. call it nothing. that’s not important.

but until a major revolt replaces the system as it currently stands, one side is going to piss and moan about the other side until being placed in power. then it’ll be the outsiders’ turn to piss and moan. and it will continue to churn and churn upon itself. and for what purpose? butter?

believe it or not, there is a practical side to this argument. and that is that i believe this idea will never come to pass. can’t. it’s a power and money thing.

power and money are calling the shots. we will all die, and power and money will continue to call the shots in our absence. the beast is too big and multi-headed, it will never be killed. it will continue to feed on itself. we will all die, and the beast will come to our funeral and feed in our absence.

[recommended listening: do a google search for ‘george carlin’s final words to the world.’ it’s worth three minutes of your time.]

so why get pissed? why waste the time and effort it takes to hate something i can’t – and won’t – change?

beats the hell out of me. but it sure feels good.

it’s like getting pissed at the weather.

snow’s coming. that’s enough to piss me off. i hate snow.

can’t do anything about it. so why get pissed?

i bet newt gingrich – or any other bag of political hot air from either side of the aisle – could keep the snow from coming. i bet he’d be happy to convince me he can make it so.

that’s rain, i can hear him saying, while pissing down the back of my neck. and there’s nothing you can do about it.


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